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In 2003, the State of New Hampshire sued twenty-two gasoline manufacturers and refiners seeking damages for their roles in the statewide contamination of groundwater with the gasoline additive MtBE. In 2013, the State settled the
lawsuit with all but one of the defendants, obtaining $136.5 million that was used to establish the State’s MtBE Remediation Fund, to pay administrative costs and to pay legal costs.

State of NH instituted a MtBE Remediation Fund that states the use of funds is restricted to projects that are related to & address MtBE contamination so those Auto Recyclers that were affect and filled out an application had a choice of receiving a Gas Buggy & Fuel Tank Drill System OR Concrete.

Central Auto Recyclers, Allied Wrecking, Majestic Motors, Murray’s Auto, Warren’s Auto Wrecks and Murray’s Auto Recycling were presented with Brand New GAS BUGGY’S & FUEL TANK DRILL SYSTEM from the MtBE Remediation Fund….