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Used 2015 CHEVROLET EQUINOX AIR FLOW METER - Central Auto Recyclers

Compatible with Acadia Ats Camaro Canyon Caprice Captiva Sport Colorado Ct6 Cts Enclave Envision Equinox Escalade Escalade Esv Express 2500 Van Express 3500 Van Impala Lacrosse Malibu Regal Savana 2500 Van Savana 3500 Van Sierra 1500 Pickup Sierra 2500 Pickup Sierra 3500 Pickup Sierra Denali 1500 Sierra Denali 2500 Sierra Denali 3500 Silverado 1500 Pickup Silverado 2500 Pickup Silverado 3500 Pickup Srx Suburban 1500 Suburban 3500 Tahoe Terrain Traverse Verano Volt Xt5 Xts Yukon Yukon Xl 1500



Part Numbers20787043
Body ColorWHI(8624)
Eng Size0.00
SKU FF27239660


In Stock
This part is still bolted to the vehicle. Please allow 24 hours to remove.
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ACADIA 12-17
ATS 13-15
ATS 16 2.5L
ATS 16-18 3.6L, VIN S ( 8th digit, opt LGX )
CAMARO 12-17 3.6L
CANYON 16-18 gasoline
CAPRICE 12-17 3.6L
COLORADO 16-18 gasoline
CT6 16-18 3.0L, L.
CT6 16-18 3.6L
CTS 12-13 3.6L
CTS 12-14 3.0L
CTS 14-15 2.0L
CTS 14-15 3.6L, VIN 3 (8th digit, opt LFX)
CTS 16-18 3.6L
ENVISION 17-18 2.5L
EXPRESS 2500 VAN 16 4.8L
EXPRESS 2500 VAN 16 6.0L
EXPRESS 3500 VAN 16 4.8L
EXPRESS 3500 VAN 16 6.0L
IMPALA 12-13
IMPALA 14 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 3.6L
IMPALA 14-16 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 2.5L
IMPALA 14-16 VIN W (4th digit, Limited)
IMPALA 15-16 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 3.6L, VIN 3 (8th digit, opt LFX)
IMPALA 17-18
LACROSSE 13-16 3.6L, California emissions, opt NU5
LACROSSE 13-16 3.6L, California emissions, opt NU6
LACROSSE 13-16 3.6L, Federal emissions (opt NT7)
MALIBU 13 2.5L, California emissions, opt NU1
MALIBU 13 2.5L, California emissions, opt NU6
MALIBU 13 2.5L, Federal emissions (opt NT7)
MALIBU 13-14 2.0L
MALIBU 14 2.5L
MALIBU 16 VIN 1 (4th digit, Limited)
REGAL 14 2.4L, VIN K (8th digit, opt LEA)
REGAL 14-16 2.0L
SAVANA 2500 VAN 16 4.8L
SAVANA 2500 VAN 16 6.0L
SAVANA 3500 VAN 16 4.8L
SAVANA 3500 VAN 16 6.0L
SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 14-18
SIERRA 2500 PICKUP 16-18 6.0L
SIERRA 3500 PICKUP 16-17 6.0L
SIERRA DENALI 1500 14-18
SIERRA DENALI 2500 16-17 6.0L
SIERRA DENALI 3500 16-17 6.0L
SILVERADO 2500 PICKUP 16-18 6.0L
SILVERADO 3500 PICKUP 16-17 6.0L
SRX 12-16
SUBURBAN 1500 15-17
SUBURBAN 3500 16-17
TAHOE 15-17
VERANO 13 2.0L
VOLT 16-18 w/o PZEV
XT5 17-18
XTS 13 (3.6L)
XTS 14-16 (3.6L), VIN 3 (8th digit, opt LFX)
XTS 14-16 (3.6L), VIN 8 (8th digit, opt LF3), ID 23118170
XTS 17 (3.6L), VIN 3 ( 8th digit, opt LFX )
XTS 17 (3.6L), VIN 8 ( 8th digit, opt LF3 ), ID 23118170
YUKON 15-17
YUKON XL 1500 15-17




Although we did not manufacture the parts that we sell, we do stand behind them. Parts are warrantied for 6 months from the date of invoice, unless otherwise noted. Coverage of labor cost for installation, removal, re-programming, etc. is not provided under any circumstance. All parts have tamper-proof markings which if damaged void the warranty. These are added at the time of shipment, and may not be shown in the photos.

All parts must be properly installed and maintained according to factory specifications. The warranty is non-transferable (between vehicles or owners). We must be notified immediately of any discovered defect.  Failure to do so shall void any warranty. At our discretion, we may require that an independent repair facility of our choice verify such defects. We are not responsible for any transportation cost incurred due to a failed part. Any improper use such as, but not limited to racing, neglect, mishandling of said part shall void the warranty.  Improper installation, repair or modification of said part shall void this warranty. Parts installed on a commercial vehicle are not covered. Any existing problems with the vehicle in which the parts are intended establish compliance with any and all conditions set forth for any warranty claim to be accepted. Warranty does not cover any claims of personal injury, economic losses, inconveniences, transportation, towing and any consequential damages. The warranty is limited to the amount of the original purchase price of the part.

If the main component of the part purchased fails to operate normally after proper installation within the warranty period, please contact us promptly. We will promptly send a functionally equivalent replacement part whenever possible. When a replacement is not available, we will provide a full refund. The original defective part must be returned to either way. The refund will be processed only after we have received part.

Our Engine Warranty covers internal parts only, which include: Pistons, Rings, Push Rods, Rocker Arms, Lifters, Rocker Arm Shafts, Crankshafts & Bearings, Rods, Camshafts & Bearings, Valves & Guides, Oil Pump, and Engine Block & Cylinder Head. Blocks and Cylinder Heads have tamper-proof heat tabs installed. The warranty is void if the center of a heat tab is melted out, as this indicates over-heating. Engines: Proof of oil changes within manufacturer’s recommendation for normal use is required. Transmission Warranty covers internal parts which include gears, oil pump, torque convertor, valve body, solenoids, clutch pack, etc. Automatic Transmissions: Proof of replacing the fluid, filter (when applicable), seals and gaskets, as well as flushing the radiator and cooling lines prior to installation is required, or the warranty is void. We strongly recommend having an experienced professional install your automatic transmission due to the complexity and sensitivity of modern transmissions.

During re-installation, it is important that torque convertors are properly aligned and mated to the flywheel by hand (versus power/air tools). Manual Transmissions, Transfer Cases, and Differentials: Proof of replacing the fluid, gaskets and seals is required, or the warranty is void.

If you need to return a part, please contact us for instructions. Original shipping costs are never refunded for any reason besides a major error in the listing (not including incorrect color or fitment of included pieces besides the main component). The refund will be less the original shipping cost, and you are responsible for the return shipping costs through the carrier of your choice. If the item included free shipping, the refund will be less the actual shipping & handling cost that we incurred to deliver the part to you, our valued customer. We will provide that amount with the return instructions. Incorrectly ordered or not needed parts are subject to a 20% (of the total purchase price) re-stocking fee, which is also deducted from the refund amount. This fee covers the administrative, labor and supplies expense that we incur as a result of the item being returned.

Warranty shall be governed under New Hampshire State Laws and any actions arising out of warranties must be filed in Merrimack County District Court in Concord, NH.  All refund checks will be issued to the name as it is on the original invoice.  There will be NO CASH REFUNDS


Items will be carefully packaged and shipped promptly.  We do not ship internationally. Please allow ample time for delivery before contacting us. If a package arrives with any obvious damage, please do not sign for the delivery and notify the carrier before opening to inspect the contents. Contact us promptly if the part has been damaged beyond what’s shown in the photographs.

For large parts that require truck freight shipping (i.e. Engines, Automatic Transmissions, Seats etc.): YOU MUST PROVIDE A BUSINESS/INDUSTRIAL (COMMERCIAL) ADDRESS FOR THESE TYPES OF PURCHASES. WE DO NOT SHIP LARGE FREIGHT ITEMS TO RESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES OR HOME BUSINESSES. If you do not have a commercial address, we can have it shipped to the nearest Freight Terminal where you can pick it up. Typically that facility is within 200 miles. You must have the means to accept the whole palletized shipment (i.e. truck/ trailer/etc.). If you do not have the ability to unload the pallet from the back of a tractor trailer/big rig with a forklift, outside loading dock, another truck, etc., we can arrange for the freight company to drop the pallet to ground level with a lift gate, with prior arrangements an additional cost to you.  Freight Shipping is sent Economy guaranteed within 10 business days (Monday-Friday, non-holiday). This item will be palletized/crated and delivered by a freight carrier with insurance in a tractor trailer or box truck that is operated by an independent shipping company.

The truck will not go off-pavement to unload due to damage liability. The part will be secured to a standard sized pallet with metal banding and will be heavy (150-900 pounds). If there is obvious damage to the packaging: do not sign for it, as this releases all liability onto you and we cannot make an insurance claim. Notify the driver and take a photo of the pallet with your digital camera or phone! A valid phone number is required to process the shipment.  We are not responsible for any delay in delivery by the freight company. Please understand that estimated delivery times for these services are approximate, and may change due to weather, disasters, traffic, etc. We encourage you to contact us via emailing or calling 1(800)258-3215 before purchase with your vehicle information including VIN# and options (including engine size, drivetrain type, body type, emissions, etc.) to verify that this is the correct fit. This easy & simple action will prevent any inconvenience to you.


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